Nagoya meeting of REDD+ partnership goes ahead…

Rumors of the demise of the REDD+ partnership were clearly exaggerated (see previous posts).  The meeting in Nagoya, on the fringes of the CBD, did indeed go ahead as planned.  The official co-chairs’ summary notes that the Tianjin talks did finally get around to addressing the topic of stakeholder engagement and endorses the approach elaborated there, as outlined in this document.

Will this make any practical difference to the way the Partnership has operated to date?  We’ll have to wait until next year, when Brazil and France take over the chairmanship.

Meanwhile, the CBD itself resulted in an accord which will usher in ‘a new era of living in harmony with nature’, according to the official press release.  Two key aspects of this agreement are a new protocol on genetic resources (access and benefit sharing) and a commitment to designate a total of 17% of the world’s surface as protected area.  Both have significant implications for forest-dependent people, in contrasting ways.

Were you in Nagoya?  Do you have a view on the benefit sharing protocol or the protected area target?  RECOFTC would like to hear from you.

Posted by Ben Vickers

31 October 2010

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