We’re back…

Next week’s Tianjin climate talks in China are the last stop before the COP train pulls in to Cancun, Mexico, for round 16. In contrast to this time last year, these latest negotiations seem to be quietly slipping under the radar.

This may be a blessing in disguise. With less expectation and hype, perhaps negotiators can really knuckle down and get us a step closer to that much-needed but elusive global climate change agreement.

As first time hosts, and no doubt keenly aware of being on the receiving end of plenty of Copenhagen criticism, could China be gearing up to provide some superpowered leadership?

Whatever happens, RECOFTC will be there to cover it. Our blog will be up and running at Tianjin and reporting daily from Monday 4th October. As usual, our focus will be on issues related to people and forests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Also at Tianjin, under the Responsible Asia Forest and Trade (RAFT) program, RECOFTC is hosting a press event on forest conflict and climate change – take a peek at our three just-released media briefs. You can access these and our other latest climate publications on the right side column.

Back in a few days…

Duncan McLeod, RECOFTC Communications Officer

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