Daily News Digest – 17 December 2009

An eruption of protests in Copenhagen may have overwhelmed the news cycle covering the happenings in Copenhagen, but the past 24 hours has yielded other major breakthroughs: new REDD text, a $3.5 billion pledge to fund REDD, and the arrival of world leaders to drive progress forward.

Reuters – Developed countries pledge US$3.5 billion to fight deforestation
The United States, Australia, France, Japan, Norway and Britain have joined together in pledging billions towards funding immediate steps for starting REDD efforts from 2010 to 2012. Full article on Reuters.
Press release from US Department of Agriculture

The Guardian – Final reckoning: what the leaders must do to thrash out a deal
As the talks reach their final days, several issues will be high on the agenda for the world leaders now descending upon Copenhagen: the fate of the Kyoto Protocol, promises for climate finance, and a setting a deadline for a treaty. Full article in the Guardian.

The Jakarta Post – Climate talks deadlocked as clashes erupt outside
VOV News – Vietnam joins efforts to combat climate change
India Times – India fears Copenhagen climate talks may collapse
Irish Times – Chinese Ambassador statement on climate change conference

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