Revised REDD Text not REDDy yet

In a briefing for indigenous peoples’ organizations yesterday morning, members of the Norwegian delegation updated IPOs on the status of REDD and Shared Vision sections of the negotiations.

No changes have been made to ‘Non-Paper 39,’ which came out of the talks in Barcelona. After a week of discussions and consultations, a draft revised REDD text , “an attempt to gather points of consensus,” was circulated to delegates late last night. A final revised text is expected to be agreed later today. As for the expected content, the Norwegian delegation believes that progress with respect to inclusion of rights language has been made, as there seems to be a growing consensus to include language about ‘universal human rights.’ Reference to international agreements or instruments is also expected, i.e. reference to the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights without explicitly mentioning it. The Norwegian delegates highlighted that fact that safeguards are meant to be applicable throughout the entire REDD process. Norway is trying to make safeguards more operational, “strongly proposing non-carbon MR,” or inclusion of monitoring and reporting on adherence to safeguards as part of the larger MRV framework.

As for Shared Vision, the negotiations have more or less stalled. The status of the original text is “very uncertain,” with only 6-7 paragraphs having been discussed at all. A new draft text prepared by Denmark was released this morning (see post below). It is likely that the earlier text will be dropped and negotiations on Shared Vision will proceed based on the new draft.

posted by Allison Bleaney

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  1. Your Blogger here, Allison Bleaney, seems to be very insightful and I really appreciate her take on the REDD developments in Denmark.


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